“I loved the profound messages that these young wonderful girls portrayed in their films. Keep up the great work!”

On Monday, June 25, Sisters Action Media presented their films at a well attended community screening at PhillyCAM studio in Philadelphia. We thank all of the family, friends and community members who came out to support us!

Community Screening at PhillyCAM!

Using audience feedback forms, attendees shared this feedback for the emerging filmmakers:

“It was raw, fresh and educational. I am so proud of you all. It was uplifting.”

“I enjoyed the participants enthusiasm and their mc’ing… also enjoyed the topics. Please continue to challenge norms and use the medium as a tool for social change.”

“I enjoyed it. The message that was represented in each film needs to be spread. Keep up with the good work.”

“Follow your passion and spread yourselves to some of our schools. I am a teacher in the district. Our 7th and 8th grade students can greatly benefit from this type of experience in all ways.”

“Excellent work. So proud and happy to see the young ladies learn to express [themselves] and opinions through media techniques.”

“I loved the girl that covered the truth on music lyrics! You gurls are awesome. Keep the great work going!”

“It was really awesome! It was great to see the girls explain how they felt about their films.”

“I enjoyed the variety of topics discussed through the videos. As a sex educator, I really enjoyed ‘A Learning Experience.’ Keep working towards your dream and push your friends to talk about these issues.”

“Keep preaching! Don’t ever let sexist culture shut you down.”

“I really enjoyed the message of all but I truly favored ‘Keep It Real'”.

“[I saw] young people with voices being able to articulate their ideas via professional media. [They were] able to see themselves, strengthen their message and resolve. Keep it moving!”

See the slideshow below for more photos of the screening.

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Sisters Action Media was made possible through support from The Leeway Foundation, The People’s Emergency Center and PhillyCAM.